Hanging Around Aftr Dark

Hanging around after dark. We were only doing

it only for a lark. Just messing around with nothing

to do, with nowhere to go,

So we’d meet on the streets, no time for any

Treats and we’d cause trouble just for fun,

Then off we’d run.

But at last we got caught and before a magistrate

We were brought.

After pleading guilty of a crimes we didn’t 

commit, It was off to prison, without any 


But now we are free to do as we please

And as for the law, they can keep away,

‘Cos we aren’t going back to those days of

Prison, especially without any conditions

So there, see if we care, which we don’t and

Don’t think we are dopes because we live in

Hope of a life so free. And remember, we don’t

Really care, so there.

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