Nights Of Old

Nights of old when it started to get cold

No central heating, nowhere to go to get

Warm, not even until dawn.

.But what did we care? We had each other,

Even though I never got on with your mother

Fortunately, she ran off with her lover and

Left us in peace.

As for keeping warm, we had each other

To cuddle and care, spending many hours

Without a dare.

But what went wrong I can only guess,

Maybe fitting central heating put out

The flames of our passion, or we just

Went out of fashion.

Years later we met again. With you relighting

my fire, we set up home until your mother left her

Lover and moved in with us, which wasn’t

A plus.

So the flames died away. I moved out without

Any doubt and moved in with Kay and we are

Still together to this day.

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