Is Anyone Reading My Work?

Is anyone reading my work? It

Is making me feel like a jerk. Carry

On I must or I’ll feel like turning to dust.

Making lines rhyme makes feel like

I’m wasting my time. What rhymes

With one word doesn’t rhyme with

Another. Oh, brother, what can I do?

Simply stick to verse or find myself a nurse –

One that can tell me what to do, and not

Tell me I’m feeling ill.

Maybe there is a pill that I could take to

Make my poetry sound okay. Until then,

I’ll carry on as before. So keep reading

And I’ll keep writing. After all, somebody

Must think my work is inviting. 

So don’t worry, I won’t stop, not unless

I need to go to the shop! Even then I

Won’t feel that I want to stop.

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