Feeling So Sleepy

Feeling so sleepy. Making me feel weepy,

Looking for my bed; enough said. So many

Things to do. Got no time for sleep. No time

To rest my weary head.

Been up since four, it’s a wonder I didn’t hit

My head against the door. All I want to do

Is to lie down and snore the night away.

When I do get to bed to rest my weary head,

I find I can’t sleep. This time I am going to weep.

When morning comes, I’m too tired to get up

So I’m late for work, doesn’t that make me feel

Like a jerk? So I just lie there, trying not to care.

The day passes and when I finally move I find

I’ve been fired from work for sleeping all

Day instead of being out making hay.

I feel so fed up I decide to go back to bed and

That is where I’ll stay, leaving someone else

To make hay!

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