Going Out To Lunch

Thinking of going out to lunch – to meet my

Friends who are a crazy bunch. We’ll dine

All-day, thinking it is the month of May, when

The weather is warm and the soup is cold,

And we’ll all sit there talking about getting


Then we’ll argue who’ll pay the bill, then find 

None of us has got any money, so it’s the

Washing up we’ll have to do, then after it

Is home we go.; how we’ll get there, we’ll

Never know.

Then next week, we’ll meet again. What

Will we eat? We’ll eat the same. And

What is the place called we go to?

Nobody knows, cos we never look up-

Ward to see the name. But the food is 

Good even if we do eat the same week 

After week. And guess what? We even sit 

In the same seats. Doesn’t that sound so


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