Tribute To Freddie

Poems By ken makepeace

He was the showman of them all. He was The Seven

Seas of Rhye – the man who could not die, even if he

Wanted to try. He was good at living on his own. He

Was in a band who should have been on the throne.

He was just a poor boy from a poor family. He died so

Young, but who could forget him? Had the surname

of a planet – not Jupiter, Mars or Venus, but Mercury,

But we knew him as Freddie – the lead singer of

Queen. It was so sad that he was not around for

Long, but boy, who could forget his songs?

Freddie, we hope you are resting in peace. Your

Songs will not be forgotten at least. You are the

Champion, my friend, and you’ll be remembered

Till the end.

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