Looking For me

Were you looking for me? What did you want?

I know it was me you were looking for; someone

mentioned your name, or was it me just wanting

to live in vain?

How did you know where to find me? Did you search

high and low? No, of course, I ain’t nosey, I just want to

know. Anyway, what did you want? You never said, but

I bet it is important whatever it is. Do you owe me money?

I don’t think so, but hang on, I know who you are. You are

my Uncle Ned, and that is strange because I thought you

were dead!

3 thoughts on “Looking For me

    1. Is that good or bad, your comment? I suppose the idea was to give it a bit of mystery to get you going, then u get get hit with the punchline. I love all feedback, good or bad. it’s better than having no feedback at all. I don’t see it as a joke. Sarah, see if you can get your hands on a copy of The Affair of the Thirty-nine Cufflinks, by James Anderson. It is a fantastic read


  1. It was just the words “uncle ned”, made me laugh after the mysterious tension of the other lines. I will have a look at the James Anderson .


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